Your Journey to Motherhood

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Some of you will read the book and apply the tools within it on your own, in order to create the ideal conditions for motherhood. By contrast, some of you will prefer a structured program with 1-on-1 guided support from Your Fertility Angel.

With Dawn’s 12-Week structured program, you will have someone to bring things to your awareness that you may not be able to see within yourself. You will have someone to help you dig deeper into areas that require change. You will have someone to provide emotional support, to make it easier to stay on course, and who has your back the whole time. You will have someone to help you make those critical connections, which can make all the difference in the outcome of Your Journey.

Furthermore, you will have someone who will love you without judgment, and who knows exactly how you feel – because she has experienced it as well.

If you long for a deeper level of support, read more about Dawn’s 12-Week program below.

Free to Conceive: The 12-Week Program

The goal of your 12-Week program is to develop a bulletproof plan to achieve your dream of motherhood. Here’s how it works:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching and guidance
  • 12x weekly 60-minute fertility coaching calls via Zoom
  • Each week is devoted to accomplishing specific goals laid out within each chapter of my book
  • Determine exactly what is standing between you and your baby, and how to eliminate it
  • Dawn will help you build a customized, individual plan to achieve motherhood
  • Text message and email support between calls
  • Free paperback copy of my book, Free to Conceive

Free to Conceive: The Book

Free to Conceive - Book on Fertility and Motherhood by Dawn Williams MA

Your Journey to Motherhood

How long have you dreamed of becoming a mother?

How long have you been trying to become one?

Whether you have been trying for a few months or many years, the emotional pain you endure from being denied your opportunity for motherhood is excruciating. Your mind and heart have been connected to this expectation for yourself as though it were a certainty, but your body isn’t allowing it to happen.

It’s a pain very few of us are prepared for because we expected having children would be easy. Or at the very least, we expected it would not be this hard.

What we did prepare for was how many children we wanted to have, the preferred sex of those children, how far apart in age we wanted them to be, and even their names. We gave them names because they were already real to us. We may have even put birth control measures in place so that conception wouldn’t occur outside of our desired timeline. That’s how certain we were that we would conceive our babies.

So, what happened?

Your unmet expectations continue to repeat themselves month after month—year after year—intensifying your fear, anger, sadness and hopelessness. Instead of the joy that comes with becoming a mother and starting a family, you are left with a sense of loss. Your children have not even been born yet, but somehow, it genuinely feels that you have already lost them. And that’s incredibly unfair.

You may have already taken some steps to resolve your infertility like medication, acupuncture, or IVF and none of them have been successful. Perhaps you have even worked with your OBGYN or other doctors to troubleshoot the matter.

Or, maybe you haven’t taken any steps yet because you are overwhelmed or scared, and you aren’t sure where to start.

Either way, you may be utterly exhausted from the difficult experience of your journey so far. Additionally, you may have no idea where to go from here, but you know you aren’t ready to give up on your dream yet.

Regardless of where you are in your journey to motherhood, there is some good news: You are in the right place.

The beginning of your journey was the easy part—deciding it’s time to have a baby. And you are certain that you want the end of this journey to be having your dream of motherhood come true with your baby in your arms.

It’s the middle of this journey that can be messy to navigate and manage. Some people never make it through the middle of the journey because they are emotionally overwhelmed, at a loss for answers, or simply lacking the support. This is where I come in.

What if your journey could feel completely different for you than it has so far? What if I told you it’s possible to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed, and to finally get the answers and support you need?

What if you could be emotionally free from the struggle and suffering, and instead experience peace, ease, certainty, and joy as you journey toward making your dream come true?

This may sound unattainable considering your experience so far. However, when you are in alignment with your desires, you naturally create the right conditions for them to manifest. That’s what we will do together.

Whether you enroll in my 12-week program or work through my process independently using the book, I will help you determine what is keeping you out of alignment and how to create the ideal conditions to achieve motherhood.

Furthermore, you will learn how to embody my 5 point SuperStar as your guide to do just that. As you transform your relationship with yourself through this journey, you will have achieved self-mastery and removed the obstacles keeping you from your dreams. There is nothing more empowering than gaining a sense of control and confidence that you can rely on for the rest of your life.

And speaking from experience, there is no feeling quite like finally becoming a mother.

Discover Your Path to Motherhood