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“Over many years, I have known Dawn from the perspective as an employee, friend, and mother of one of my patients, her daughter. In each of these capacities, I have found Dawn to be a very sensitive, empathetic and passionate person who has keen insights about growing from life’s challenges.”

-Dr. Craig B. Liden, The Being Well Center

This is me giving my daughter Faith her official first bath in the hospital minutes after she was born. Heck, even mothers who have birthed their own babies don’t get that opportunity! A special adoptive mother perk!

This heartfelt letter is the original one I wrote during my long wait to become a mother. It is the very first page in Faith’s baby scrapbook I created symbolizing that my intent to be a mom was evidenced by my faith in believing it would be so.

We prepared the baby nursery months before the baby girl we were matched with was even born. This action communicated my faith and belief that motherhood would indeed be my reality.

Here are joyous photos from our baby shower held on July 25, 2010. Faith wasn’t born until September 13, 2010. Once again, my faith at work. Believe to receive.

This is Faith’s birthmother handing Faith to me. The is the exact moment I became a mom. In fact, as she handed Faith to me she said, “Now go to your real mom.”

The sky that formed angel wings around me in this picture is further confirmation from God that I am following his purpose for me, specifically in supporting women struggling to become mothers.

My family–my complete family that I always desired–by my side at one of my book signings. I will forever be grateful for the companionship of my husband, Tom, and the eternal and mutual love with my daughter, Faith.

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