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Dawn believes extraordinary life emerges when we step into our true selves. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and resides with her beloved husband, daughter and three dogs in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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“Over many years, I have known Dawn from the perspective as an employee, friend, and mother of one of my patients, her daughter. In each of these capacities, I have found Dawn to be a very sensitive, empathetic and passionate person who has keen insights about growing from life’s challenges.”

-Dr. Craig B. Liden, The Being Well Center

Dear Hopeful Mother,

When your heart aches to become a mother, you want to be sure that you haven’t left any stone unturned when it comes to achieving your dream of motherhood. My approach does just that: It leaves no stone unturned, so that you can come out the other side a mother.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey to motherhood, or you have already been trying for a very long time, I understand what it’s like to have this dream and to struggle when it’s not happening. I also understand what it’s like to not know what you should do next.

When it comes to determining the cause of your infertility, physical reasons or underlying medical conditions are typically the only factors considered. However, our body, our mind, and our spirit are not separate entities. They are very much interconnected and impact each other in profound ways.

Therefore, it is critical to determine to what extent these are playing a role in your fertility.

My unique and personalized approach takes all these factors into account, and brings the whole You into a state of balance and alignment, so that your dream can finally become a reality.

Your transformational journey will begin with the “5-Point Superstar.” I created the 5-Point Superstar to help those who are lost in the dark find their “true north” and successfully navigate the path to motherhood.

The 5-Point Superstar is designed to answer the question, “What is getting in the way of what I want?” Each point of the star represents a key factor that may be blocking your baby blessing from you.

The 5-Point Superstar is one of the main tools I use at the beginning of your journey, in order to develop a personalized coaching plan to meet your specific needs. Using the star, we can identify the barriers that are holding you back from what you most desire.

As your Fertility Angel, I will guide you in discovering, addressing, and overcoming those barriers so that you are in control of creating the ideal conditions to realize your goals in life.

-Dawn Williams, MA
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The 5-Point Superstar by Dawn Williams - Fertility and Motherhood

“An inspirational, uplifting, heartfelt, must-read for anyone facing the challenges of infertility.”

-Jayalaine Ghoubrial, MD; Obstetrcian-Gynecologist

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