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Dawn’s Angel #1

Artwork by Dawn Williams

  • You over analyze your pregnancy tests second guessing whether “the line” is really there or not.
  • It seems like everyone around you is pregnant or has children–except you.
  • You feel defeated because you have an intense desire to be a mom, but nothing you are trying seems to work.
  • You find yourself avoiding baby showers or being around friends with children because the pain is too much to bear.
  • You feel alone because no one seems to understand the continual emotional pain of your body not doing what it was designed to do.
  • The constant disappointment of negative pregnancy tests and the arrival of your menstrual period is too much to take.
  • You wonder if you are even meant to be a mother and if it will ever happen.
  • You don’t know what else to do… Accept childlessness and let the dream go? Stay the course and try something else, but what? Pursue adoption?
  • The financial and emotional burden of failed IVFs/IUIs is closing more doors and making your dream of being a mom seem more and more unlikely.
  • You feel alone, bitter, angry, jealous, distraught, and fearful trying to get this baby to happen which seems to occur so effortlessly for so many people.
  • The emotional stress you endure from being unable to conceive is putting a strain on your relationship (marriage).
  • You are tired of people in your life assuming  and inferring that you are choosing to be childless and having their opinions and judgements about that.
  • You are going to lose it if you hear one more person say, “You just need to relax.” Or “You can just adopt.”
  • You feel like trying to get pregnant seems like a race against your biological clock because it’s taking so long, and you are getting older.
  • You feel like a failure, inadequate, and less of a woman.
  • You have no medical reason as to why you can’t conceive
  • You don’t want to give up your dream of being a mom because it is rooted so deep within your soul but so is the pain of not being able to become one for so long now.
  • You are sick of the heartbreak of mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for a pregnancy when your period is late only to be deflated once again when it does arrive.

dawn angel two

Artwork by Dawn Williams


The 5-Point Superstar is your most certain path to motherhood. How it works:

Introduction: Preparing for Your 5-Point Superstar Journey

Every acorn doesn’t just become an oak tree because it is an acorn. The right conditions (quality soil, water, sunlight, protection) need to be there for the acorn to become an oak tree. When we talk about motherhood, the same principle is true: The right conditions need to exist for you to become a mother. Furthermore, this is true whether you achieve motherhood through natural conception or by other means.

In the case of natural conception, consider that for your body to achieve fertility and to “know” that it’s a safe time for new life to develop within you, it’s particularly important for the ideal conditions to exist. You really stack the odds in your favor when you create the ideal conditions by being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. But even if your path to motherhood doesn’t include natural conception, it’s equally important to cultivate these same conditions. After all, motherhood is a lifelong journey! Becoming the highest version of yourself allows you to experience your highest quality of life – and not just as a mother, but in all your roles in life.

During this first step of your journey to motherhood, we will discuss the ideal conditions together, make a list of your current challenges and goals, and develop a customized plan for your path through the 5-Point Superstar treatment model.

The 5-Point Superstar by Dawn Williams - Fertility and Motherhood

1. Align your body, mind, and spirit to create those ideal conditions.
The 5 Point SuperStar will be used to personally identify for you what needs to come into alignment to create those ideal conditions. You will learn exactly what needs to shift and how to do it with key strategies you can apply to your life right away.

2. Remove the mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back.
You will be guided to process your emotions and reframe your beliefs that have emerged during this challenging and grueling life circumstance. Removing these barriers will free you to experience an outer reality that positively reflects your renewed inner reality.

3. Break free from the grip infertility has over your life.
You will learn how to shift your perspective of what infertility means for you in your life. You will go from feeling out of control and like a victim to taking back your power and using this situation as an opportunity – specifically, an opportunity that enables you to prepare your whole self to be the best mother you know you are meant to be.

4. Cultivate abundant positivity, joy, and inner peace.
Being in a regular state of flow, ease, joy, peace, love, and contentment is what keeps us open to freely receiving life’s miracles. You will learn how to accept this state of being into your heart, mind, body, and spirit and make this your emotional home.

5. Define what it means to enjoy your life to the fullest capacity.
You will learn what truly brings you lasting fulfillment, how you can access it, and how to turn it into a permanent fixture in your life. Believe it or not, fulfillment isn’t normally obtained by achieving or acquiring something, and that’s true whether or not you become a mother.

Conclusion: Learn how to consciously maintain your fulfillment throughout your path to motherhood and beyond.
At this stage of your journey, you have been guided through the entire 5-Point Superstar treatment model. Now, it’s your job to take what you have learned and transform those lessons into everyday habits, self-talk, and thought patterns that serve you in a positive way forever after. During this critical final step, I will provide you with the tools and coaching necessary to achieve exactly that.

I have known Dawn for many years.  She is not only full of compassion but overflowing with passion as well.  Her ability to motivate people and bring solutions to problems comes very naturally.

Throughout my interactions with Dawn, I was consistently impressed by her tenacity, work ethic, and commitment to excellence.

She is a woman of faith who understands that all her gifts, talents, and abilities come from the Lord.  Her surrender to Him has allowed much of her life to fall into place.  His biggest gift to her has been her beautiful daughter, Faith.  A life changing gift after many years of pain, disappointment, and struggle.  She doesn’t take it for granted and takes great pride in her family, especially in her daughter.

On a personal level, Dawn is a very confident individual of strong character who lives her life with integrity.  Her family and friends are lucky to have such a strong anchor who brings stability, compassion, wisdom, fun, and solutions to most issues.  I am blessed to call Dawn my friend!

Pastor Kelly L. Lord, A'hava Reading Church

Over many years, I have known Dawn from the perspective as an employee, friend, and mother of one of my patients, her daughter. In each of these capacities, I have found Dawn to be a very sensitive, empathetic and passionate person who has keen insights about growing from life’s challenges.

Dr. Craig B. Liden, The Being Well Center

From the moment I met her, there were four things that I admired about Dawn: her courage, her faith, her enormous heart, and how much passion she pours into the things that are most important to her.  Dawn approaches everything in her life with a sense of optimism and determination, continually looking for ways to make her life happier and more meaningful.  Our conversations are always uplifting, and I find myself returning again and again to pieces of wisdom that she has shared. Her view of the world and her observations about life inspire me and have helped me shift my beliefs about what is possible when it comes to happiness and making our deepest desires come true.  She is an absolute gift and I am proud to call her a friend!

Shauna Hardy, Happy Mother & Book Coach

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